It’s my birthday!

I love birthdays!

it's my birthdaySeriously! I have said this for years. Nothing beats a birthday. Why? Typically it is yours and yours alone. You don’t share it with anyone like Christmas unless you have a twin or something.

And although I am a Gemini, which means I have an internal twin, today is my day. I am very much a Gemini and have been loving the memes for the zodiac, there is just one me to celebrate today.

Today’s my birthday

There isn’t anything magical about today. I am 44 as of today. It’s not some big significant year or anything like that. I just like birthdays. I usually don’t do anything special on the day but do find a way to enjoy them.

How will I celebrate my birthday?

Well, I am on prep. I am always on prep at this time of year so no sweets today.

cupcake birthdayBut best believe, they are coming. I think I am going to take my birthday cupcake with me to the show next weekend. I haven’t decided yet. We are going as a team to Cheesecake Factory for brunch on Sunday before coming back home. I will be enjoying some French Toast with real sugary syrup and butter. Oh, let’s not forget the powdered sugar. And life wouldn’t be right without the cheesecake.

I may not be able to eat the cheesecake at the restaurant but I will be bringing it home with me to eat that afternoon. Yes, ma’am.

I am sharing all of my freebies from restaurants that expire this week or next with those closest to me. The lil man got Rita’s Ice last night. My coworker is getting Starbucks today. And if my fit sister acts right, she will get my free pastry or baked good from Panera.

What about the gym?

love my birthdayNow you know I am in the gym today. I am nine days out from a competition and there is no way under the sun that I am not in here giving it my all.

Lunchtime it’s about cardio, posing and sauna time. Tonight I will be in the gym with my coach. We only have a few workouts left before the big day, so it’s game time.

Do you enjoy birthdays? What’s the best part?

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