Indoor activities for kids to release energy

We all know that kids can be pretty active basically bouncing off the walls and if they don’t have an outlet for some of that energy, you’ll want to pull your hair out. It seems even more so when they are cooped up indoors.

When you can’t get them outside to burn their energy off you have to get a little creative and have some fun at the same time. So how can we encourage our kids to exercise indoors?

There are lots of ways for your kids to get the exercise they need without having to leave the house.

Indoor activities for kids

Have a dance party

Pick some of your kid’s favorite songs and turning up the music for a dance party. It is a great way to help them burn off some energy too.

Listening to music and dancing releases endorphins which make you feel happy. You don’t need any equipment to have a dance party except for a playlist of your favorite songs.

Do you have younger kids? If so, a twist to your dance party is freeze dancing, when the DJ stops the music everyone has to freeze.

Hallway soccer

All you need for this activity is a small plastic ball, and some tape. Tape off a goal on the floor at each end of thes hallway and let the fun begin.

Broom hockey

Similar to hallway soccer, use masking tape to set up a net on opposite ends of the hallway. Divide into two teams, making sure every player has a small broom. Use a tennis ball as your hockey puck.

Toss a sock ball

Roll up pairs of socks and gather one or more cardboard boxes or laundry baskets. Take turns tossing socks into the box. Younger children may enjoy standing close to the box and dropping socks in, dumping them out and then dropping them in again.

Older children may enjoy seeing how far away they can stand and still get the socks in the box.

Balloon volleyball game

You can use the couch as a net or tie a string up between two chairs. Use a balloon as your ball and hit it back and forth over the net. If you want to change it up they can head butt the balloon over the net. Just make sure that you do this activity in an area with enough space so that nothing gets broken

Pillow fight

Who doesn’t like an old fashioned pillow fight? Grab some pillows and let the fun begin. Just make sure that you are in an area where nothing is going to get broken by a tossed pillow.

Jump rope

Jumping rope doesn’t require a whole lot of space, so it can be done indoors and it is an excellent workout that is a lot of fun. This activity might not be for you if you live in an apartment with downstairs neighbors, but other than that give it a go.

Indoor activities are a great way to pass the time and burn off some energy when you are stuck indoors.

What are your favorite activities when your kids can’t get outside?

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