Exercise your right to vote

standing outside my polling place on election dayI have been looking forward to today for weeks now. It’s not because I am competing or going to hang out with friends. Today is Election Day and I exercised my right to vote. Did you?

Don’t boo. Vote

There are a lot of people who talk trash about elected officials on a regular basis. Unfortunately, these same people who love to complain about what government does wrong in their opinion. Yet when it’s Election Day, they find every excuse as to why they choose not to vote.


When we don’t vote, we get exactly what we voted for….nothing. When you do vote, you exercise your right in this great country.

It is painful to see people that I know not vote. I want to reach through my computer screen and strangle them especially women and people of color. Are things perfect in our society? No. But sitting on the side saying things like I am agreeing to be controlled because the system is corrupt. And a corrupt system will never be abolished as long as people vote and thereby claim their acceptance and allegiance to it.

Nooooo! Please don’t fall into the thinking that your vote doesn’t matter or count. It does and there will be severe consequences for doing nothing.

Get informed. Your right to vote

It is Election Day but there is still time to get informed before heading to the polls close this evening.

There are a number of sites that you can visit to get you started if you waited until today.

If you are unsure of where you vote (your polling location), you can go to Vote.org or USA.gov. Both have links that can get find your location, link you to your state/territorial election office and links to sample ballots. Be mindful that there may be local questions on your ballot. For me, there were two about funding for schools.

Elections have consequences for you and others.

Did you do early voting or vote on Election Day?

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