Crushing goals and a 5K race

It’s been a little more than a week since the NPC Stewart Fitness and I am still amazed.

NPC Stewart Fitness stage photo. Placed 2nd masters bikini and 3rd open bikini class DI earned 2nd place Masters 40+ Bikini and 3rd place Bikini Open class D. The placings are a part of the tale that says I did everything humanly possible to beat me from the NPC Upstate Classic in June. I improved my physique, look and confidence.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day or turn out for the show. There are things I still need to work on for the next show, which won’t be until next spring, including my walk, glutes, quads, hamstrings and core. I need to add some more muscle to my legs and that is going to take time. I will admit that I was hoping to take the stage in October. But this is more than just me getting on stage now. My goals include improving my physique and being more confident in what I bring each time I compete.

811 5K race

Another goal crushed with a sub30 finish in the 811 5KI took to the pavement for my first 5K since April. It was humid. Oh so humid, but I was determined to get it done.

My goal was to have an official sub30 5K on paper. I have run it in training runs and in the short 5K course back in April. But I wanted it to be official on the clock and recorded.

crushing my 5K goal time with a sub30 finishThe race started with a little incline and ended with a killer hill. Not nice at all. I didn’t feel out of shape, but the humidity really had me focus on my breathing and pace throughout the race.

Running long distance is not in the cards for me right now but this fall or this prep I will slide in a few 5Ks as cardio. My cardio has been cut but my coach said as long as I stick to 30 minutes five times a week, I can do it however I like. So, maybe one 5K a month won’t kill me.

I foresee several combinations of HIIT sessions more than a steady cardio. I like how you can mix it up and then keep it moving.

Crushing goals

For the longest time I have wanted to break the sub30 time for my 5K. I was close before I started as a bikini bodybuilding athlete but stopped running 5Ks to ever see what the clock would say. When I would go out for a lunchtime run, MaypMyRun would say I did it. But again, that’s not an official time.

I ran a 5K in the fall of 2016, which didn’t have an official clock because it was a fun run for Thanksgiving. Then there was the 5K in April, which I had my partner in crime come run with me to ensure I beat the clock. Guess what? The course was short. It was as if I was destined to never know.

One of my next goals is to crush it each time I run without any walk breaks. I took two for the 811 5K as I battled the humidity.

As far as fitness goals, I will crush my 10 pullups before the year is over. I was at 6 1/2 the week of NPC Stewart Fitness. Let’s see if I can pull out another 3 1/2 pull ups in the next four months.

Bodybuilding goals are above. I love this sport. It is a challenge that I have fallen in deep for with my coach by my side.


What goals are you crossing off your list?

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