Christmas wish list for fitness fanatics (free download)

Help your family get you fitness items from your holiday wish list ideas with this free printable Christmas wish list.

Christmas is around the corner. Is your family still unsure what to get you exactly? Do you want to make it easier on them?

sharing gifts from christmas wish list

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With the big day approaching, they may still need some ideas for what to get you this holiday season.

You’ve shared ideas with your family and even gift guides to help give them narrow down options for your gift. But you can go one step farther with family and friends.

Tell them exactly what you’d like. Give them your shoe size, favorite color, leggings, sports bra type and the name of a book you’d like to read.

This handy form can family and friends ensure they’ll get you something you want and need. You have put your holiday wishes in writing. It’s perfect for last minute shopping.

christmas wish list for fitness fanatics

To help your family organize holiday wishes, we’ve created this fun and free Christmas wish list printable.

What is on your Chrismtas wish list?

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