Are you strong enough?

My second home is the gym. You can more than likely find me working out somewhere if I am not with my not so little man. I don’t limit myself, however, because outdoors or an invitation to try something new are up my alley.

Are-you-strong-enough?-Strength-is-more-than-what-you-can-lift-in-the-gym.Instead of my usual places, I recently tried a new place and activity. I recently attended STRONGCAMP in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had no idea what I was getting myself into nor did I know anyone that was going to be in attendance. It didn’t stop me.

I made the 90 minute drive and was open to the possibilities.

STRONGCAMP is a weekend for women of all fitness levels to come together and celebrate their strengths. It’s workouts and new training techniques to informative seminars and yoga practice. It’s more than a bootcamp. You will definitely step outside your comfort zone and discover how strong you really are.

Are you strong enough?

I would be remiss if strength is measured by how much you can bench press or squat. For me a measure of strength more than what you can do in the gym. Strong also means you have a sense of who you are and therefore not swayed by public opinion. A strong woman protects her joy and peace, covers her family and friends and stands up for what is right even if she has to stand all by herself.

If I look around my life, I have been surrounded by a number of strong women – in and out of my family. My family is full of women who stand their ground without question.

The first women outside of my family that come to mind are elected officials – U.S. Representatives Maxine Waters and Frederica Wilson. I also would add White House correspondent April Ryan who was chastised by former White House press secretary Sean Spicer for doing her job as a journalist.

Strength is relatively subjective

Strong-enough-to-push-pass-the-physical-limits-and-be-an-individualNow don’t get me wrong, I am loving my improvement season and seeing that I can lift more weight these days. I am eating more, which in turn is helping me build more muscle and giving me power to push and pull more weight.

I get giddy when I think about it. When my coach asks if I am strong enough to up the weight on certain things. Yes ma’am, bring it on.

STRONGCAMP is the epitome of how I view strength. The women who attended were from a variety of backgrounds and of different fitness levels. Some women were on the beginning side of their fitness journey, a Spartan athlete and a number of bodybuilding competitors.

The workouts were fun but tough. They challenged us and yet provided some laughter too. Can you imagine it? Thirteen women in a Crossfit gym doing their thing rocking out workouts yet encouraged to go at your own pace while pushing you past your normal comfort level.

One thing that was evident throughout – you are fit enough. kettlebell squats, sled pushes, Mixed Fit class and more. No matter what kind of exerciser you are there is something for you.

Fitness journey = Friends for life

Strong-camp-builds-lifelong-friendshipsOne of the many things I have enjoyed along my fitness journey is the amount of friendships that I have made. Some are in person and others are virtual. I have connected with some incredible women at competitions that have led to ongoing relationships as well as people I have connected with online and may never meet. It’s awesome to have other like-minded and incredible women coming together for the weekend, it’s inevitable that strong connections will be made.

Be open to the possibility of more and know that you are stronger than you think.

How do you define strong?

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4 years ago

Great post! I was training just to be fit for most of the time, but recently I have started to focus on strength mostly when I’ve noticed in how many areas I lack at.