5 tips to have a fun and healthy Halloween

Halloween is today and you’ll find candy nearly every where you go. Tempted? I wouldn’t be surprised because I am. Don’t beat yourself up about it or the fact that it is Halloween.

5-tips-to-a-fun-and-healthy-HalloweenI am a sweeter. Let it be candy, cupcakes, cookies or ice cream and I will be forever in debt to you. Well, maybe not forever. I will like you though cause sweets are like love. If I had to choose, I can overdose on Justin peanut butter cups any day of the week. As for today, I could enjoy the seasonal candy corn.

Do you have plans for Halloween? I hope you enjoy some special treats. If you have kids, I hope you take them out. There’s no reason to stay locked up in the house hiding from the world. It’s Halloween and only comes around once a year.

Here are 5 tips to have a fun and healthy Halloween:

  1. Opt for some alternative treats: Jazz it up a little by handing out tattoos, stickers, glow bracelets or spider rings. You also can try healthier snacks like pretzels and popcorn bags.
  2. Eat a rationed amount of your favorite treats: After you have discarded any unwrapped and tampered candies from their trick-or-treats bags, have your children choose only their absolute favorite pieces of candy and ration it out a little at a time.
  3. Eat before you trick-or-treat: A healthy meal before trick-or-treating might help avoid the candy temptation. Broccoli, cauliflower and sweet potatoes are a few healthy vegetables available this season.
  4. Add healthy Halloween party pleasers: For healthy, but festive, Halloween party treats, cut up fresh veggies such as colorful bell peppers, carrots and celery and shaping the pieces into traditional Halloween images. Serve the veggies with cheeses, crackers and dips. Fruits make a great alternative to candy. Oranges or tangerines filled with pudding makes a unique dessert. You also can consider individually packaged raisins or other dried fruits, individually wrapped pretzels or popcorn.
  5. Have fun: Halloween is a fun and exciting time for everyone. Creating active Halloween party games and trick-or-treating is a great opportunity for children to achieve their physical activity for the day!

What tips do you have to make it through Halloween and have a good time?

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