5 changes you can make right now

People often tell me they do not know how I have the commitment to what goes into competing – exercise, diet, rest and all of that. I know what drives me is something we all have inside ourselves. It does require a commitment, but also a willingness to make changes. Some of those changes are short-term while others are a little longer.

5 changes you can make right now

What drives you are goals? Is it a new job? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to save money? It can be done by using some of the same principles I use to step in preparing for competitions.

Changes you can make right now

make changes by incorporating exercise into your routine


It’s almost hard for me to remember when I didn’t love to exercise. To me, nothing feels better than rocking out a great workout. If you aren’t exercising, start small. Start walking three times a week even if it’s 30 minutes a day. We all start somewhere.


I know getting adequate sleep is not easy. It’s even harder when you have kids.

But if you are not able to get eight hours of sleep a night because you are busy doing other things then there is room for improvement. Try these tips to improve your sleep.

I recommend keeping your phone on the other side of the room to get some good shut eye and turning off the TV before getting into bed.

Spend time with friends

Make changes by spending time with friends that inspire your passion.

It’s good to spend time with people you can laugh with and support you. We spend so much time at work that it’s good to find time with like-minded people who have nothing to do with your 9-5. Relationships and laughter can make the world seem a lot less stressful.

Negative self-talk

I am guilty of this. I have said, “You’re not skinny enough,” “You don’t have enough muscle” “You’re not good enough.”

So much negative self-talk. I am trying to better.  I work on remembering the things I have been successful and look at my son to remind myself how far I have come.


Get a massage, get your nails done, stop for a latte or read that book you’ve been holding onto. Just make sure to take care of yourself. Do the things you love even if you have to do them alone. Taking care of yourself needs to come first.

The overall impact

The changes you make today will last a lifetime. You change and evolve and so do your goals. Start with small goals to reach your larger goal. When you achieve smaller successes it helps you feel more confident about what you have to do.

What changes can you make to reach your personal goals?

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