13 men self care gifts

Self-care is a practice and habit everyone needs to incorporate into their lives. If you’re stuck on what to get him, think about a self-care gift that he wouldn’t get himself.

Sometimes the best gifts are those that we won’t get for ourselves. And even though I know it can be difficult to find gifts that are meaningful, this is a great way to show how important he is. This list of self-care gift ideas are in lots of price ranges so you’re sure to find something.

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Massage gun

Massages are proven to be relaxing and help manage stress. But they can be expensive. However, you can still get the recovery benefits to a degree with the JAWKU massage gun.

It’s perfect for working out sore muscles in the comfort of your home in lieu of a deep kneading massage. Or if you want something really low-tech you can go with a TriggerPoint GRID roller can encourage blood and oxygen flow, all while melting away tight shoulders and back pain.

Kindle unlimited subscription or Audible subscription

In this busy world, the time to read is a luxury. A Kindle unlimited subscription is just the beginning of good things. Or if he prefers to listen to books and podcasts, Audible Plus is one way to do it.

Dinnerly subscription box

He won’t have to think about what’s for dinner or even do any meal prep. The Dinnerly subscription box is delivered leaving you with plenty of time to do other things (the meals are pre-cut and preportioned) after a long day. Just cook and eat, he won’t even have to worry about leftovers.


Sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing with your favorite music.

Bose’s Sleepbuds II are actually quite clever in that they were designed to be worn comfortably while you rest and actually mask external noises that might keep you awake at night.

Shower steamers

Shower steamers entice you into staying in the shower long enough to run out the hot water. With scents like orange, bergamot and eucalyptus, it’s more than just a shower.

The tablets melt away like bath bombs without leaving a residue and do not stain your shower floor.

Shaving kit

This shaving kit has everything a man needs to get the closest shave, period: a double edge safety razor, shave brush, shaving cream, oil and aftershave balm. 

Plush robe

Make him feel like a king with this luxurious robe. It’s perfect for lounging around the house, whether he’s fresh out of the shower or not!

Foot massager

Slide your feet into this miracle machine and you might not get up for the rest of the day. Heated foot massagers are controlled with the tap of the toe and has several heat and pressure settings for you to choose from to customize your experience.

Water bottle

HidrateSpark PRO 21oz Flip Lid Brushed Stainless Steel (Global)

Hydration is important but sometimes we get lost in the day and forget to drink as much as we should. Try one of the HidratePRO stainless steel or plastic water bottles that lights up and reminds you to drink.

It comes in a variety of styles and sizes. BONUS: Get $10 off with code “ShalamaJ”

Beard grooming kit

If he is more attached to his facial hair, then this beard grooming kit is for him. Made with 100% natural ingredients it is packed with items to keep his beard in shape including beard oil.

Electric toothbrush

There is a direct connection between your oral health and the condition of your heart.

Using an electric toothbrush can help you with your oral care. It even has a two-minute timer to ensure he is brushing his teeth for the right amount of time.

Oral care


Treat your feet to the most comfortable slides, OOFOS, they’ve ever felt.

Your slippers will be jealous of these slides, which are super supportive to ease pain and crafted with a soft foam that helps absorb more shock with every step, taking stress off your joints

Punching bag

You know, sometimes taking care of yourself just means getting it all out. You can do that with this freestanding punching bag that comes with gloves.

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Wrap up

Picking the perfect gift for your favorite guy can be tricky. You don’t need fancy gifts. The best self-care gifts are the ones that have the most meaning for whomever you are buying it for.

Regardless of the kind of guy he is, you can find something for him that he will enjoy whether it’s a new pair of headphones, grooming gifts or relaxation gifts.

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