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I am a marathoner


marathon with eboniI completed the Run Hard Columbia Marathon yesterday with a friend and Black Girls RUN! sister, Eboni. It was my first.

It wasn’t planned. I had planned on the Little Rock Marathon as being my first, but the weather changed that last week. When I posted that I was unable to complete it, Eboni reached out to me and offered to run it at whatever pace I was going to run.

It was the hardest thing I have done to date in running.

round1The first 13.1 miles went easy breezy. The second time around the half marathon loop, wasn’t as easy. Around mile 15, my calf muscle start tingling and required me to stretch. I fought on through mile 17 and then I couldn’t do anymore. The pain that radiated through my calf as I took steps to run was excruciating. I wanted to run, but the pain that would come and go made it seem impossible.

Eboni would not let me give up on myself completely. I, however, was disappointed that I couldn’t push beyond the pain. There were a few points when I decided to trot down some hills, but it wasn’t far.

I have been training and leading up to the first marathon with confidence. I wasn’t nervous before the start. I just wanted to go out and take care of business putting one foot in front of the other.

me and temishaI did complete it and it was all made possible with the help of some great running friends.  No one can take that away from Temisha and me that we took every step along a very tough course.

I wanted more for my first marathon, but I will not take away from the fact that I join a group of people that push their bodies beyond the normal to complete 26.2 miles at one time. I have no desire to do an ultramarathon. I will leave that to others. I will take on the marathon again because I have more to prove to myself.

What was your first marathon experience like?


  1. Big Congratulations, Shalama!! I am So Proud of You!!! And Big Congratulations & Shout Outs to Eboni for being there for you!!!

    • Thanks. Eboni is a rock star and not just because she ran with me. In terms of running partners, I couldn’t have asked for someone better.

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