September 19, 2014
by shalama jackson

Getting it in for Run@Work Day

run at work day This afternoon I got together with the some of the ladies of Black Girls RUN! Columbia for a lunch time run. We decided as a group that we would participate in Road Runner Club of America’s Ninth Annual Run@ Work Day.

This is the first day that I have gotten back on the pavement since Ragnar DC this past weekend. My legs or better yet my left calf is much better than when I ran on Saturday. The soreness continued over through Tuesday.

run at work tooI enjoyed getting out in the middle of the day with the ladies. We only had 30 minutes, but that was good enough. I had the chance to catch up with Dwan, who had the “oh no I have to run with Shalama” thing going when we started. She’s funny, but I do understand because I feel that way with other ladies that I run with. But today was meant to be fun and fun we had.

Did you participate in Run@ Work with coworkers or on your own?

September 16, 2014
by shalama jackson

5 Favorite Moments from Ragnar DC

I am still recovering from running Ragnar DC this past weekend. It was fun, but it was also tough. So much happens during the course of the race – good, bad and ugly. But you make it through it to make it to the finish.

My five favorite moments from Ragnar DC are:

ragnar dc teammates1. My teammates. I really only knew one person on my team and in my van. Eboni and I have gotten closer as runners and fitness friends since probably earlier this year beginning with the Charleston Marathon Meet and Greet with our other sisters on the pavement. In the past couple of months, I have had the opportunity to get to know Sy, another teammate, because she is also a Black Girls RUN! Columbia member.

Ragnar DC vans2. The exchanges. Along the race, you stop at major exchanges where you get to meet other people who are also waiting on the other half of their team. During this time it is neat to check out the different decorated vehicles. Some where decorated and highlighted their team names. Others were a little more generic but decorated still.

ragnar dc blanket medal3. My medal and blanket. I love my race bling. I keep them proudly as one symbol of what I have accomplished. We also received blankets at the end of the race. They are comfortable and really warm. It was definitely something I cuddled up with on the plane back to South Carolina on Sunday.

Ragnar DC Potomac River4. The sights along my last leg. I ran along the Potomac River. It was beautiful and breathtaking.

Ragnar Relay DC 1 mile to go5. The “One Mile to Go” sign. During the first leg, it was good to see it because it meant that I was almost done for the first stage. During the second leg, it was even better than the first because I ran at 5 am on Saturday and it was pouring down rain. When my teammates last checked on me, the rain was steady but hadn’t turned ugly. But as soon as they went on to get Eboni in place, the sky opened up and that was it. For my last leg, I was fighting calf cramps. I wanted to fall to my knees and truly give up because of the pain. With the assistance of my van mates, I was able to muster enough strength to hand it off to Eboni, who then tore up the pavement. I did finish and can say that I am a Ragnarian!

What is your favorite moment from a fitness event that you have participated in?

September 15, 2014
by shalama jackson

I’m a Ragnarian!

ragnar dc medalI did it.

As the medal says, “Connect. Conquer. Celebrate.” I did all of those things and am now a Ragnarian.

Ragnar DC teamThis weekend, I along with 11 other ladies were on a team together and completed Ragnar Relay DC, a 200.5 mile relay race from Cumberland, MD to Washington, DC.

We were van 2 of the 12 person team, which meant on the first day we sat around for a few extra hours before it was our turn to hit the pavement. My first leg was in the late afternoon. It wasn’t bad. It was my second leg, which happened to be my shortest, that had me running at 5 a.m. on Saturday in the rain. And I don’t mean drizzle. I mean a downpour where I was fearful for my phone that was in my SPIbelt.

It was hard overall. And there was one moment when I thought I could not finish. I could see the hand-off to my next teammate but getting to her was a different story. But would I do it again? Most definitely. It won’t be the Washington DC relay, but there will be another one in my future.

Have you participated in any type of relay race? What was it like?