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December 16, 2014
by Shalama Jackson
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Thirty Gallon Challenge: Are you In?

30 gallon challengeHow much water do you drink daily? Do you drink the Institute of Medicine’s recommended eight glasses or 64 ounces?

Care to go for a few more glasses?

One of my coworkers was impressed when he saw this piece about a woman who drank a gallon a day. And since I am already suppose to be drinking a gallon a day, I agreed. I think it’s always better to make this fun with others instead of going at it alone.

The conversations around the office have been pretty hysterical already. There’s been everything from trying to hold it during a meeting and then darting across the office to the restroom to the frequency of restroom visits increasing.

It’s been cool to see more co-workers walking past my office going to the water cooler to fill up their bottles and cups. I hope we can keep it going.

How much water do you drink daily?